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bowmanbow‧man /ˈbəʊmən $ ˈboʊ-/ noun (plural bowmen /-mən/) [countable]  PMa soldier in the past whose weapon was a bow
Examples from the Corpus
bowmanHalflings are excellent bowmen and stubborn fighters despite their rather diminutive size.You can rely on these keen-eyed bowmen to whittle down the enemy's numbers as they advance.Melford and a group of bowmen greeted us at the gate.This Stirlander bowmen wears a green and yellow uniform.Why exert himself to win a battle the bowmen had already won?Have the bowman on the front of the boat and get him to indicate distance to the line with his fingers.This means the High Elves must rely on their bowmen and their magicians for long range mass slaughter.This is unfortunate, as chamber 2c is occupied by two unusually cunning Zombie bowmen.
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