Date: 900-1000
Language: Latin
Origin: buxus, from Greek pyxis, from pyxos type of tree, whose wood was used for making boxes


1 noun
box1 S1 W1


[countable]DTI a container for putting things in, especially one with four stiff straight sides
cardboard/wooden/plastic etc box
a strong cardboard box
toolbox/shoebox/matchbox etc (=a box used for keeping tools etc in)


also boxful [countable]TM the amount of something contained in a box
box of
a box of chocolates


TCN [countable]
a) a small square on a page for people to write information in:
Put an 'X' in the box if you would like to join our mailing list.
b) a square or rectangle on a page where information is given or where an answer can be written:
The box on the left gives a short history of the battle.

in a court/theatre etc

[countable]APTSCL a small area of a theatre or court that is separate from where other people are sitting:
the jury box

small building

[countable] a small building or structure used for a particular purpose [= booth]:
a sentry box
telephone box British English

at a post office

box 25/450 etc

TCM a box with a number in a post office, where you can have letters etc sent instead of to your own address [= PO Box]

sports field

[countable usually singular]DS a special area of a sports field that is marked by lines and used for a particular purpose:


[countable] British EnglishDS a piece of plastic that a man wears over his sex organs to protect them when he is playing a sport, especially cricket


[uncountable and countable]HBP a small tree that keeps its leaves in winter and is often planted around the edge of a garden or field:


the box

informal the television:
What's on the box tonight?

be out of your box

British English informal to be very drunk or have taken an illegal drug

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