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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishboyhoodboy‧hood /ˈbɔɪhʊd/ noun [uncountable]  PERIOD OF TIMEthe time of a man’s life when he is a boygirlhood boyhood memories
Examples from the Corpus
boyhoodBut it was a temporary setback that made him even more determined to achieve his boyhood dream.From a lonely boyhood to being left for dead in some alley, he had never looked to others for strength.It all looks as it looked in my boyhood, when I was back from school for the summer.Instead they wanted to offer me their memories of my boyhood.Never again would classrooms and indeed whole schools in the West Riding be the bleak, barren places of my boyhood.I spent my boyhood on a farm in Indiana.Hot Springs boasts of being Clinton's boyhood home and the village of Hope of being his birthplace.Surreptitious observation had been a habit of his since boyhood, practiced first on wildlife and then on women.Had Stark known from the beginning that the story of the upstate boyhood was all an invention?
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