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bracingbrac‧ing /ˈbreɪsɪŋ/ adjective  DNCOLDbracing air or weather is cold and makes you feel very awake and healthy a bracing sea breeze
Examples from the Corpus
bracingIt is this bracing action which allows the legs to work during the forward swing.But, carping apart, Rattle's performance of the Brahms remains one of the most bracing and intelligent anywhere.She found Jen's contempt for politicians both bracing and worrying.The kettle was boiling, and he could smell the bracing aroma of frying eggs and bacon.Try a bracing dash up to the pool, followed by a plunge into the deep end.As it happened, we never met more than a bracing Force 5.Tourists are attracted by the beautiful scenery and bracing mountain climate.a bracing musical experimenta bracing ocean breezeHe found in Byers a bracing scepticism like his own.Hank loved the feel of the bracing sea air against his face.When I was young, all we heard about ozone was that it was bracing sea air.the bracing taste of ginger
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