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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbraggartbrag‧gart /ˈbræɡət $ -ərt/ noun [countable] old-fashioned  BOASTsomeone who is always talking too proudly about what they own or have done
Examples from the Corpus
braggartThey can easily become workaholics, name droppers, gossips and braggarts.Johnny was a show-off - a balding braggart who was later proved to be a liar.Overnight Riley Hanson had become a cautious braggart.But she finds refuge with another man, ironically a local braggart photographer who is not so much successful as handy.Loners, losers, braggarts, brawlers, they have few redeeming features.Honest prose defeats dissembling verse, and the braggart goes off to be a thief.The braggart Anecdotes that bolster self-image reveal a great deal to you about the speaker.The braggart turns every question into an answer that makes himself or herself look incredibly good.
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