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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbrainpowerbrain‧pow‧er, brain power /ˈbreɪnpaʊə $ -paʊr/ noun [uncountable]  1 intelligence, or the ability to think A lot of brainpower went into solving the problem.2 educated intelligent people who have special skills, especially in science, considered as a group the country’s shortage of scientific brainpower
Examples from the Corpus
brainpowerHow is a capitalistic system to function in a brainpower era when brainpower can not be owned?It was a case of finite time and brainpower too broadly dissipated, Taylor came to think.Can brainpower bolster Berlin's economy?But Natalie has never had the courage to apply her brainpower to a challenging task and stick with it.The latter requires a lot of brainpower, hard work and, sadly it seems, a lot of money.Where these seven industries will be located depends upon who organizes the brainpower to capture them.
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