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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbrainybrain‧y /ˈbreɪni/ ●○○ adjective (comparative brainier, superlative brainiest)  INTELLIGENTable to learn easily and think quickly syn clever, smart American English He always was the brainy one.see thesaurus at intelligent
Examples from the Corpus
brainyWhy don't you ask Tom to help you with your homework -- he's incredibly brainy.Why couldn't I have been born to be successful and brainy?The great, brainy apes, including man, arrived in the last 20 million years.You're a surprisingly brainy bunch, too.The brainy men all went along To see that nothing should go wrong.Only the brainiest of the brainy qualify.It's my little sister who's the brainy one.At school Karen was always one of the brainy ones.If he hadn't been an incredibly brainy person he would have been an officious one-eyed council clerk or something.
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