2 verb
branch2 [intransitive]
to divide into two or more smaller, narrower, or less important parts [↪ fork]:
When you reach the village green, the street branches into two.

branch off

phrasal verb
1 if a road, passage, railway etc branches off from another road etc, it separates from it and goes in a different direction [= fork off]
branch off from
a passage branching off from the main tunnel
2 British English to leave a main road [= fork off]
branch off from/into
We branched off from the main road and turned down a country lane.
3 to start talking about something different from what you were talking about before
branch off into
Then the conversation branched off into a discussion about movies.

branch out

phrasal verb
to start doing something different from the work or activities that you normally do:
Don't be afraid to branch out and try something new.
branch out into (doing) something
Profits were falling until the bookstore branched out into selling CDs.

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