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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbrand-newˌbrand-ˈnew ●●○ adjective  NEWnew and not yet used a brand-new car His clothes looked brand-new.
Examples from the Corpus
brand-newThe peacekeepers in New York pride themselves on a brand-new 24-hour operations room.It seems that every police car is brand-new, and Hussein's soldiers sport crisp, new uniforms.About every third property boasted a brand-new chain link fence, erected to corral Cod knows what kind of beast.The author remembers the first time he was left with his first, brand-new child.a brand-new motorcycleA man in a brand-new pick-up truck picked me up.Ariak Chopanyan and his wife offer coffee while four small children rush about the brand-new, single-storey house.In 1983, Richards was at Caltech when Adam Dziewonski came for a visit with his brand-new tomography maps in hand.
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