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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbrandedbrand‧ed /ˈbrændɪd/ adjective [only before noun]  NAME OF A THINGa branded product is made by a well-known company and has the company’s name on it
Examples from the Corpus
brandedThey check them out first and the thieves know it and generally leave branded animals alone.Town and the others bring in branded drugs which are already legally on sale in Britain.The years of being branded impulsive, scatterbrained, too idealistic rushed back to mock her.Are there implications for branded multi-unit businesses?Similarly, restaurant management have wider responsibilities for building their own branch's business than would the managers of most branded operations.And last night they were branded spoilsports after claiming not enough viewers are interested in the national game.
From Longman Business Dictionarybrandedbrand‧ed /ˈbrændɪd/ adjective branded goods or products have brand names and so can easily be recognized by their name or designThe world’s big drinks companies will increasingly displace local drinks with branded products. compare generic, own-label
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