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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbravadobra‧va‧do /brəˈvɑːdəʊ $ -doʊ/ noun [uncountable]  BRAVEbehaviour that is deliberately intended to make other people believe you are brave and confident youthful bravado
Examples from the Corpus
bravadoAs after all I was not a bad little boy but I was shy and covered it up by bravado.Having gone that long undetected by the enemies sitting almost next to me, I'd got my over-confident bravado back with interest.Other work-inhibited students express a false bravado.My bravado emanated from the knowledge that a certain lady was looking out of her window.But there was no bravado in it at the time.Later, in the retelling, the act would take on a certain amount of bravado.Alternatively, respondents may exaggerate their delinquencies out of bravado, especially likely with juveniles.The snakes eat themselves at the top of the food-chain out of habit or boredom or sheer bravado.The new recruits were full of youthful bravado.
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