Date: 1400-1500
Language: French
Origin: Old Italian and Old Spanish bravo 'brave, wild', from Latin barbarus; BARBAROUS


1 adjective
brave1 S3 comparative braver, superlative bravest
a) dealing with danger, pain, or difficult situations with courage and confidence [= courageous]:
brave soldiers
her brave fight against cancer
It was brave of you to speak in front of all those people.

the brave

[plural] brave people:
Today we remember the brave who died in the last war.
2 very good:
Despite their captain's brave performance, Arsenal lost 2-1.
brave effort/attempt
the brave efforts of the medical staff to save his life

put on a brave face/front

to pretend that you are happy when you are really very upset

brave new world

a situation or a way of doing something that is new and exciting and meant to improve people's lives:
the brave new world of digital television
bravely adverb:
She smiled bravely.

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