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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbravurabra‧vu‧ra /brəˈvjʊərə $ -ˈvjʊrə/ noun [uncountable]  GOOD ATgreat skill shown in the way you perform, write, paint etc, especially when you do something very difficult a bravura performance
Examples from the Corpus
bravuraNot even a bravura turn by one of the most charismatic actors of his generation can relieve the torpor.It was simply a bravura display of useless knowledge.An austere bravura exhibition for six dancers, it offers a series of solos of ever-increasing technical demands.Ware traces their furtive encounters with uncommon detail and considerable bravura.A bit more bravura and the butcher would have had him.This is primarily a Delightful Precipice album, with much bravura contrapuntal writing and Django's vision more focused than ever.To the very end, the ice bridge of 1899 became a target for acts of bravura.
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