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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbrawnybrawn‧y /ˈbrɔːni $ ˈbrɒː-/ adjective  STRONG PERSONvery large and strong His brawny arms glistened with sweat.
Examples from the Corpus
brawnyThe sun was pouring into the courtyard and his brawny arms glistened with sweat.big brawny armsTopaz had pictured her as tall and brawny as befitted a martinet.She had a husband, a great brawny brute of an ex R.A.F. pilot who knocked her about.All night he parades up and down the bar like a brawny old cockerel.He had a football player's physique: big head, thick neck, brawny shoulders, and heavy legs.They pictured Soviet women as hammer-throwers, brawny six-footers who work in brick factories.The gardener's assistant arrived -- a brawny youth who never said a word.
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