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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbrazenlybra‧zen‧ly /ˈbreɪzənli/ adverb  ASHAMEDdoing something openly, without showing or feeling any shame She smiled at him brazenly.
Examples from the Corpus
brazenlyShe brazenly admitted she had spent the night with Greg.She got back in the bed wet through, and sat up brazenly as the young girl brought the tray in.Quote a Latin tag at him by mistake and he will examine his shoes or smile brazenly back at you.Truly unaware, some brazenly buttoned their flies as they walked out of the lavatory into the corridor.His love was capricious, brazenly conditional and in permanently short supply.At first I was brazenly happy, bullish with solipsistic joy; yet most of the time I was puzzlingly, naggingly unhappy.He could afford this, for the royal household had brazenly looked after its own.He'd thrown away his last hope, flipped his cards brazenly on the table.The last time that I heard that argument so brazenly presented was by Mr. Neville Chamberlain's spokesman before the war.
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