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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbrazierbra‧zi‧er /ˈbreɪziə $ -ʒər/ noun [countable]  FIREa metal container that holds a fire and is used to keep people warm outside
Examples from the Corpus
brazierThere was a brazier in a corner, where bits of chicken on wooden skewers were hissing over the coals.A log fire crackled in the hearth and two capped braziers had been moved in just inside the door.The factory-gate braziers went out and the militants retreated.Both the braziers near the door had not been disturbed.The braziers had not been moved, the fire was dead, the candle had spluttered out.The braziers were placed in adjoining bedrooms and promptly lit.Selma arrived escorting two braziers, one to keep the coffee pots hot and another for hot coals for the incense pots.
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