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break the back of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbreak the back of somethingbreak the back of somethingFINISH DOING somethingto finish the main or worst part of something I think we’ve broken the back of the job now. break
Examples from the Corpus
break the back of somethingIt would have been nice for him to wind things up by breaking the back of Britain's opposition to integration.Their thunderous charges have broken the back of many an invading army.In Czechoslovakia last March Martin Keown nearly broke the back of the net with a long-range effort.His two interceptions Sunday broke the back of the Pittsburgh Steelers as Dallas won the duel in the desert, 27-17.A combination of ground and air action broke the back of the rebellion.Pouring over its latest simulation runs, Sun is confident it has broken the back of the technical problem.
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