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break the mould

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbreak the mouldbreak the mouldCHANGE/BECOME DIFFERENTto change a situation completely, by doing something that has not been done before an attempt to break the mould of British politics mould
Examples from the Corpus
break the mouldPapen wanted to capitalize on the situation by breaking the mould of the Constitution and ruling by force against right and left.There is a heavy price to be paid for breaking the mould.All have broken the mould of the usual career path in engineering.They have broken the mould of the old structuralist and determinist urban sociology.The church planter must break the mould of self-sufficiency and dare to rely on his or her team.The new head of school who's breaking the mould.He was not out to break the mould, just to collect better data.The new party promised to break the mould of British politics.But here and there, societies rouse themselves to break the mould.
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