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break the spell

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbreak the spellbreak the spellto make someone stop paying all their attention to something, or to make a time stop feeling special He lay still, not wanting to break the spell. spell
Examples from the Corpus
break the spellOnly a kiss could break the spell.The tiny sound of distress broke the spell and spurred Grant into action.Mrs Fanning had broken the spell of the wild and beautiful dancers.Stepping off a chair with a rope around his neck and hanging there for a minute had broken the spell.I feared my own words might break the spell of normalcy.The kiss of the prince breaks the spell of narcissism and awakens a womanhood which up to then has remained undeveloped.He smiled at her and, in offering her reassurance, broke the spell that held them.No more than usual, was the answer, but at last it was enough to break the spell.And if she took Johnny into the cottage, might this in some way break the spell and spoil the magic?
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