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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbreakthroughbreak‧through /ˈbreɪkθruː/ ●●○ noun [countable]  FIND OUTan important new discovery in something you are studying, especially one made after trying for a long timebreakthrough in Scientists have made a major breakthrough in the treatment of cancer. break through at break1see thesaurus at progressCOLLOCATIONSverbsmake a breakthroughDetectives think they may have made a breakthrough in their hunt for the murderer.achieve a breakthroughWith further funding, the research team hope to be able to achieve a breakthrough.represent a breakthroughThis represents a major breakthrough in the search for a cure.adjectivesa big/major breakthroughEinstein believed he was on the verge of a big breakthrough.a significant/important breakthroughAnother very significant breakthrough has been made by Dr David Peacock.a technological/scientific breakthroughTheir findings led to a major technological breakthrough.a historic breakthroughThe agreement was a historic breakthrough in political history.
Examples from the Corpus
breakthroughHowever, elements on both sides oppose further compromise, and on Monday there was little optimism about a breakthrough.The technique is being described as a breakthrough in the field of tele-medicine.The announcement was widely hailed in the media as a breakthrough, but the extent of the restrictions was not specified.Each at the cutting edge of possibility within its own historical context, each a breakthrough in the standards of its day.Negotiators have made a breakthrough on the most difficult issue of employment security.Police say they have made a breakthrough in their search for the killer of Diane Sutton.Scientists at Merck were nearing a breakthrough on a new drug to treat HIV.There has been an important breakthrough in the search for safe nuclear energy.This was an important breakthrough that had an enormous impact on the scientific community.Egypt and Jordan welcomed news of the deal as a major breakthrough.Scientists are claiming a major breakthrough in the treatment of AIDS.The real breakthrough for polythene came, however, from yet another accident.One man's breakthrough is often another's trifling adaptation.This made possible the breakthrough which facilitated such massive installations as the one at the Niagara Falls.I envisioned entire forests being spared by this breakthrough.Rather than fill me with ecstasy or gladness, this breakthrough overpowered me with dread.made ... breakthroughCossio said his investigators also made some breakthroughs in kidnappings.The Postal Service announced Tuesday it has made a significant breakthrough in getting machines to read handwriting.In Wiltshire trading standards officers have made an important breakthrough in cracking the crime.Read in studio Scientists have made a breakthrough in the fight against the genetic disease Cystic Fibrosis.Rangers made the breakthrough five minutes into the second half.The Real team made a huge breakthrough with SureStream for G2 a couple of years ago.This made possible the breakthrough which facilitated such massive installations as the one at the Niagara Falls.
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