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breathe life into something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbreathe life into somethingbreathe life into somethingEXCITEDto change a situation so that people feel more excited or interested Critics are hoping the young director can breathe new life into the French film industry. breathe
Examples from the Corpus
breathe life into somethingWe harness fossil energy and breathe life into machines.Belliustin called upon the tsar to circumvent the ecclesiastical hierarchy and breathe life into the clerical estate.Something unexplainable takes over and breathes life into the known life.The deal aims to breathe life into the stationer's e-business efforts.Now they each had a picture which they examined and re-examined, trying to breathe life into the two-dimensional image.After the marriage, though, she wants to breathe life into their dry, platonic relationship.
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