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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbreathlessbreath‧less /ˈbreθləs/ adjective  1 BREATHEhaving difficulty breathing, especially because you are very tired, excited, or frightened The long climb left Jan feeling breathless.breathless with They waited, breathless with anticipation.2 written excited His first novel drew breathless superlatives from critics.3 at (a) breathless pace/speed4 UNPLEASANT literary unpleasantly hot, with no fresh air or wind the breathless heat of a midsummer night in Romebreathlessly adverbbreathlessness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
breathlessWalking up ten flights of stairs left him breathless.In spite of the fact that he was stationary, Mungo felt breathless.Speed puts some people to sleep; others it makes breathless.The fight had left him breathless.He was breathless and moving at high speed, but there was nothing agitated or uncontrolled about him.She halted, left a trifle breathless as usual by the sight of him in a dress suit.a breathless August nightIt is also written in a kind of breathless journalese that makes one's nerves stand on end.Indeed, Moffett worked at a breathless pace to ensure that those issues were addressed before the annual meeting took place.They left me breathless, staggering, laughing to myself.
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