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breechesbreech‧es /ˈbrɪtʃɪz/ noun [plural]  DCCshort trousers that fasten just below the knees riding breeches
Examples from the Corpus
breechesShe noticed his long, powerful legs, the immaculate cut of his close-fitting breeches, his purposeful stride.Wool was big, not just for jumpers but for breeches.He was dressed neatly enough in grey breeches, white shirt and an ill-fitting blue coat, but was barefoot.His breeches were made of white shiny silk and so was his waistcoat.It was flag bedecked and in front of it a brass band were parading in breeches, green-Loden jackets and cocked hats.Sweat poured from their bodies and they wore only the thinnest of breeches.
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