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breeding/fertile/proving ground

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbreeding/fertile/proving groundbreeding/fertile/proving grounda situation in which something develops quickly or successfully The region, with its widespread poverty, provided fertile ground for revolutionary activists.prepare/lay the ground (=to provide the situation or conditions in which something can develop successfully)breeding/fertile/proving ground for My task was to prepare the ground for the recruitment of support workers. ground
Examples from the Corpus
ground forThis leads to dead spots, a breeding ground for anaerobic bacteria.The unhygienic conditions of a stable were a breeding ground for all manner of disease and bacteria hazardous to a newborn.Culture-specific rules and procedures of turn-taking provide ample breeding ground for misunderstanding.Where scum settles on wetted surfaces in kitchens, it creates an ideal breeding ground for bacteria.They are fertile ground for the emergence of an explicitly right-wing political force.I know that negotiations do not only constitute a bargaining process, but also serve as fertile ground for creativity.In this scenario, the earth simply provided fertile ground for extraterrestrial imports.This is surely fertile ground for experimentation.
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