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breezybreez‧y /ˈbriːzi/ adjective  1 HAPPYa breezy person is happy, confident, and relaxed a breezy and relaxed air of confidence2 DNif the weather is breezy, the wind blows quite stronglybreezily adverb
Examples from the Corpus
breezyThe local newspaper called his speech breezy.The side pockets can be filled with sand and pebbles to anchor the tent if it's breezy.She's a woman with a lot of breezy charm.Flying this kite among the otherwise conventional swept wings on a breezy day was initially eerie.Her tone so far was breezy, no mention of his behavior at the Conch.Almost all the boys are wearing jams and big breezy shirts; so are the few stout girls.Although Levin sometimes goes overboard with jokes, his breezy, slightly irreverent tone is a welcome one.Summer's approach spelt out in a breezy spin on Paisley.
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