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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbrethrenbreth‧ren /ˈbreðrən/ noun [plural] old use  TALK TO somebodyused to address or talk about the members of an organization or group, especially a religious group
Examples from the Corpus
brethrenTerry jabbered with her brethren, asking for jobs.But among his brethren this benefactor would be sadly missed.He also purported to apply the conventional collateral fact doctrine but reached a different conclusion from that of his brethren.A wall clock will tell you the time of day but not its manufactured brethren.Many lawyers in commerce and industry are at a disadvantage over Woolf, compared to their private practice brethren.All were in this sense brethren and capable through redemption of striving to abolish sin.They coach at Little League and roar with their brethren at Lions meetings and stay out of the bars.
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