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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbriberybrib‧er‧y /ˈbraɪbəri/ ●○○ noun [uncountable]  DISHONESTthe act of giving bribes We tried everything – persuasion, bribery, threats. He was found guilty of bribery and corruption (=bribery and dishonest behaviour).
Examples from the Corpus
briberyOne of Murrow's chief campaign promises was to do something about bribery and corruption.Guzman was serving more than 20 years for criminal association and bribery.Bureaucratic bottlenecks, internal corruption and bribery topped the concerns when dealing with government.Earlier this year, Felix pled guilty to money-laundering charges growing out of his arrest on drug and bribery charges.It forbids bribery or kickbacks in any form to anyone in the public sector.Low rents are seen as a form of bribery of the electorate.Former prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu is under investigation on suspicion of bribery.Officials said the bribery investigation would continue.Several politicians are linked to the bribery and sex scandal.US firms are alleged to have used bribery to win contracts.The drug bosses were using bribery to stay out of jail.
From Longman Business Dictionarybriberybrib‧er‧y /ˈbraɪbəri/ noun [uncountable]LAW dishonestly giving money to someone to persuade them to do something to help youThe International Chamber of Commerce has had rules against bribery and extortion since 1977.
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