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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbridegroombride‧groom /ˈbraɪdɡruːm, -ɡrʊm/ ●●○ (also groom) noun [countable]  MARRYa man at the time he gets married, or just after he is married
Examples from the Corpus
bridegroomOther days were spent in cleaning and decorating the bedroom where she would receive her bridegroom.There she found an old woman, who warned her that her bridegroom was really a murderous monster.Her bridegroom, Petruchio, has a wardrobe full of Georgio Armani suits.She had heard of the most appalling things-kidnapped bride, imprisoned and humiliated bridegroom, Halloween destructions and practical jokes.He could have been her phantom bridegroom sleeping and, overwhelmed, she slept.And how had her steps fitted in with those of the bridegroom?
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