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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbrieflybrief‧ly /ˈbriːfli/ ●●○ W3 AWL adverb  1 SHORT TIMEfor a short time We stopped off briefly in London.2 SHORT/NOT LONGin as few words as possible syn in brief Sonia explained briefly what we had to do. Briefly, I think we should accept their offer.
Examples from the Corpus
brieflyTherefore, a number of Category Romance series are listed and briefly annotated below.He worked briefly for Walt Disney Studios.Sonia explained briefly how the machine works.In a small skillet, saute garlic and green onion briefly in 3 tablespoons of oil until soft but not browned.Here, briefly, is how it happened.Finally, we considered briefly the meaning of an equilibrium in macroeconomics.Briefly, the problem was that I wanted a child and he didn't.He turned to thank and speak briefly to the pilot.Ironically, substitute Andy Roddie's introduction for all the wrong reasons briefly turned the game to their advantage.
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