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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbrightbright /braΙͺt/ ●●● S2 W2 adjective (comparative brighter, superlative brightest) πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 LIGHTBRIGHTlight shining strongly, or with plenty of light πŸ”Š Her eyes were hurting from the bright lights. πŸ”Š bright sunshine πŸ”Š a large bright room2 sunny if the weather is bright, the sun is shining and there is a lot of light opp dull πŸ”Š The weather was bright and sunny. πŸ”Š a bright autumn day3 INTELLIGENTINTELLIGENTintelligent intelligent and able to learn things quickly πŸ”Š He was an exceptionally bright child. πŸ”Š a bright ambitious young manβ–Ί see thesaurus at intelligent4 β†’ a bright idea5 COLOURSBRIGHTcolours bright colours are strong and easy to see πŸ”Š a bright red jumper πŸ”Š I never wear bright colours.β–Ί see thesaurus at colour6 CHEERFULHAPPYENERGETICcheerful happy and full of energy πŸ”Š Her voice was bright and cheerful. πŸ”Š She gave him a bright smile. πŸ”Š He looked up at me with bright eyes.7 successful if the future looks bright, you think that something will be successful syn promising πŸ”Š The school’s future now looks very bright. πŸ”Š I’m sure the company has a bright future now.8 β†’ as bright as a button9 β†’ look on the bright side10 β†’ bright and early11 β†’ bright spark12 β†’ bright and breezy13 β†’ bright-eyed and bushy-tailed14 β†’ the bright lights15 β†’ bright spot β€”brightly adverb πŸ”Š The sun shone brightly. πŸ”Š brightly coloured clothes πŸ”Š She smiled brightly. β€”brightness noun [uncountable]THESAURUSa bright lightbright shining stronglyThe sunshine was very bright.the bright light of the torchstrong very brightPhotographs fade if they are exposed to strong sunlight.brilliant extremely bright, especially in a way that seems goodThe garden was full of brilliant autumn sunshine.dazzling a dazzling light is so bright that it hurts your eyes and you cannot look at itdazzling headlightsthe dazzling reflection from the mirrorblinding a blinding light is very bright and makes you unable to see for a short time after you have looked at itThere was a sudden blinding light, followed by the sound of a huge explosion.harsh a harsh light is bright and unpleasantIn the harsh light of the kitchen, she looked older than she was.good if the light is good in a place where you are working, it is bright enough for you to see what you are doingThe light wasn’t good enough to read.a bright placebright full of lightI wish the room was a bit brighter.light bright because there are big windowsThe dining room was light and airy.well-lit bright because there are plenty of electric lightsTry to park in a well-lit place.
Examples from the Corpus
brightβ€’ Even as a small child, it was obvious that Bobby was very bright.β€’ If you are cycling at night, always wear something bright.β€’ The big windows in this room make it nice and bright.β€’ Deng responded optimistically that the outlook was still bright.β€’ the bright afternoon sunβ€’ a bright, airy roomβ€’ The text is helpful, and the maps are bright and cheery.β€’ a bright and promising career in the Navyβ€’ Natalie is bright and she knows it.β€’ Claire had a lovely bright bedroom which was decorated in yellow and white.β€’ He has a triangular version of Rupert's stylised muzzle with the same pricked ears and bright black-button eyes.β€’ a book with bright, bold illustrationsβ€’ It was a bright, cheerful morning and she was in a bright and cheerful mood.β€’ Many of the houses were painted bright colors.β€’ The artist clearly loved bright colours.β€’ a bright eight-year-old girlβ€’ Companies want to prevent their best and brightest employees from being headhunted by rival organizations.β€’ The light in here is not bright enough to read by.β€’ a bright ideaβ€’ These are not just interesting hypotheses or bright ideas.β€’ From the top of the hill they could see the bright lights of the city below them.β€’ They never bothered that we were just spectating-we were driving a bright red Carrera 911 with a great exhaust note!β€’ The front door was painted bright red.β€’ a bright smileβ€’ After so long indoors the bright sunshine hurt Jack's eyes.β€’ That wasn't a very bright thing to do.β€’ a bright yellow vanhas a bright futureβ€’ After years of uncertainty, the new management says the Roses Theatre now has a bright future.
From Longman Business Dictionarybrightbright /braΙͺt/ adjective FINANCE if share trading is bright, there is a lot of activity and prices are risingTrading will be β€˜relatively bright’ in the first half, with the Nikkei rising above 30,000.