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bright idea

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbright ideabright ideaa very clever idea, often used in a joking way to mean a very stupid idea or action Whose bright idea was it to leave the back door wide open? idea
Examples from the Corpus
bright ideaIn this faded house among the ferns, a bright idea was inevitably taking form.Angela soon had quite a bright idea.I don't know what kind of present she'd like -- if you have any bright ideas let me know.Why not ask Sylvia? She's always full of bright ideas.A Newcastle school aims to open a shop to sell pupils' bright ideas.I like it! It sounds like a really bright idea.Del Plonka recalls that some one once got the bright idea of pumping water from the Saigon River into nearby tunnels.In May 1988, Tudorbury dealers had the bright idea of fixing a football game with Harvard Securities.George came up with the bright idea of visiting every pub we passed.Their bright ideas and bad judgments are the standards by which the record industry still rates its progress and practices.If even one-tenth of those bright ideas published could be brought to fruition, the world would be transformed.Whose bright idea was it to give the cat a bath?Whose bright idea was it to start major road repairs right at the start of the holiday season?Your bright idea could even earn you some extra cash.
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