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bring/call something to mind

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbring/call something to mindbring/call something to minda) to make you think of someone or something syn remind somebody of something The wine’s sweet nutty taste calls to mind roasted chestnuts. b) formal to remember something The only thing I could call to mind was something my mother once said. mind
Examples from the Corpus
bring/call something to mindFor some reason, the book brings Don Quixote to mind, charging in from the right.Weiss' comment brings several thoughts to mind, about a subject on which little thinking has been done.But they were shocked that just over one in ten could bring the day to mind.Red and green, of course, bring the holidays to mind.Wiesel's speech called to mind the victims of the Holocaust.I can still bring it to mind, with lines of people coming off the hillsides and on to the road.Remembering them brought back to mind the Wainfleet item.But whose ministry is it to bring things to mind and to convict?Each ornament on their Christmas tree brings to mind the friend or relative that gave it.What brings this all to mind is something that happened recently at the convenience store.
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