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bring pressure/influence to bear (on somebody/something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbring pressure/influence to bear (on somebody/something)bring pressure/influence to bear (on somebody/something)POWERto use your influence or power to get what you want Unions can bring pressure to bear on governments. bear
Examples from the Corpus
bring pressure/influence to bear (on somebody/something)As consumers in a capitalist society we have great power to bring pressure to bear.In London Channel 4 journalists and Insight News, the production company, brought pressure to bear.It is no longer our job to criticize or bring pressure to bear.Those groups have brought pressure to bear on government to provide resources or pursue policies to the benefit of their members.Workers have their own organisations which can bring pressure to bear on governments and make demands on the state.On his eastern border, Ine brought pressure to bear on the eastern Saxons who were sheltering exiles from his kingdom.
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