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bring the total/number/score etc to something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbring the total/number/score etc to somethingbring the total/number/score etc to somethingused when saying what the new total etc is This brings the total to 46. bring
Examples from the Corpus
bring the total/number/score etc to somethingBy the time it was eventually closed in 1988, new investors had brought the total to £116 million.More than 30 square miles have been annexed into the city, bringing the total to 193.The armed forces are said to have sent an extra 2,000 troops to the border area, bringing the total to 3,500.Cruz also said Muni planned to hire at least 12 additional safety staffers, bringing the total to 72.A $ 7 parking fee and an automatic $ 12. 15 tip brought the total to $ 93. 15.Michael Forbes of New York, already had declared his opposition to Gingrich, bringing the total to four.It is estimated that this element would bring the total to over 20,000.
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