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bring up the rear

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbring up the rearbring up the rearLASTto be at the back of a line of people or in a race Carole was left to bring up the rear. rear
Examples from the Corpus
bring up the rearFour men-at-arms rode alongside, and bringing up the rear was another monk herding a flock of sheep and goats.One by one they climbed in, Delaney first, Nell in the middle, with Andrevitch bringing up the rear.Chivvying the staff of the Villa Russe into the tea room with refreshments, Auguste brought up the rear.They fall in beside him and start up the hill to the induction center, the cop bringing up the rear.The funeral hearse was followed by cars full of friends, and a company of Life Guards brought up the rear.We all followed our guide up the path, Marcus and I bringing up the rear.He was tired of bringing up the rear in the march of civilization.He led the way, followed by an ebullient Christina and Elaine, with James sullenly bringing up the rear.The unmistakable figure of the immaculate Captain Trentham brought up the rear.Dad was bringing up the rear to make sure no one got lost.
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