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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbriskbrisk /brɪsk/ ●○○ adjective  1 HURRYquick and full of energy a brisk walk They set off at a brisk pace.see thesaurus at fast2 quick, practical, and showing that you want to get things done quickly Her tone of voice is brisk.3 BUSY/HAVE A LOT TO DOtrade or business that is brisk is very busy, with a lot of products being sold The public bar was already doing a brisk trade.4 COLDweather that is brisk is cold and clearbriskly adverb They walked briskly.briskness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
briskThe musket firing between skirmishers at times was very brisk.They gave each other a brisk and publicly conscious dose of affection.The hours were long and unpredictable compared with the brisk efficiency of the House.Bigwig, with his usual brisk energy, set to work.a brisk fall morningbrisk salesIt was cooler and grey, and a brisk sou'wester spiked with a salty drizzle met us at the crag.The Committee got off to a brisk start at its first meeting.It was on High Street, only a few minutes' brisk walk away.a brisk walkThe teakettle made a brisk whistling sound, but John Wade could not bring himself to move.brisk paceSmith has a second claim with his knack of producing wicket-taking spells at a brisk pace.This proved the correct thing to do, as he turned to the left at a brisk pace.None the less, research and development in post-war fighter aircraft went forward at a brisk pace and over a wide range of options.He set off at a brisk pace for the lower station of the funicolare by Piazza Amedeo.It was better once I had rounded the corner and I set off at a brisk pace for the west.With knapsack in hand, a brisk pace is assumed.We were determined to go through the speakers listed at a calm but brisk pace, then leave.brisk tradeMen in shirtsleeves and women in summer dresses were strolling around the airport and ice-cream vendors were doing a brisk trade.They have, it seems, been doing a brisk trade.A brisk trade in newspapers was kept up almost continually.Top Shop is doing a brisk trade in reefer jackets and A-line car coats.Some retailers have been doing a brisk trade in the new toys, others apparently have not.Hotels and stores are doing a brisk trade in vampire kits.Many of these firms depend on brisk trading to earn commissions.The Taunton 150 special anniversary ale almost sold out in the first day and most other stallholders enjoyed a brisk trade too!
From Longman Business Dictionarybriskbrisk /brɪsk/ adjectiveFINANCE business or trading that is brisk is very busy, with a lot of products, shares etc bought and soldRestaurants do brisk business at Thanksgiving.Following several days of brisk trading, the junk bond market was quiet.
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