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broach the subject/question/matter etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbroach the subject/question/matter etcbroach the subject/question/matter etcMENTIONto mention a subject that may be embarrassing or unpleasant or cause an argument I broached the subject of his past.see thesaurus at mention broach
Examples from the Corpus
broach the subject/question/matter etcNow, popular magazines regularly broach the subject.He broached the matter carefully while Marshall put a match to some logs in the grate.It was half a year, he thought, since she had last broached the subject of his bachelor status.But what was still troubling her was the fact that she had still not broached the subject of Janice.Popular magazines now broach the subject of mental illness, while the government is encouraging research into mental health.It was nine o'clock and they had been driven in by the mosquitoes before he broached the subject of the night before.When, two months later, Father van Exem broached the subject, the Archbishop was actually quite upset about the idea.I never broached the subject with him again.
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