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broadbandbroad‧band /ˈbrɔːdbænd $ ˈbrɒːd-/ ●●○ noun [uncountable]  1 TCB technical a system of sending radio signals, that allows several messages to be sent at the same time2 a system of connecting computers to the Internet and moving information, such as messages or pictures, at a very high speedbroadband adjective [only before noun] broadband communications
Examples from the Corpus
broadbandIt will also provide opportunities for the exploitation of the emerging broadband technology.The Celestri global broadband communications network is expected to be operational by the year 2003.We are not immediately concerned whether they are based on off-line, optical discs or on online technology by way of broadband networks.If you're fortunate enough to live somewhere where broadband is available and reasonably priced, you should definitely check it out.These providers depend on coaxial cable as transport roads and will help determine which broadband applications and services the viewing public prefers.
From Longman Business Dictionarybroadbandbroad‧band /ˈbrɔːdbændˈbrɒːd-/ noun [uncountable]COMPUTINGTELECOMMUNICATIONS a way of connecting a computer to the Internet, which makes it possible to send and receive large amounts of information very quicklyDo you have a broadband connection?
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