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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbroadlybroad‧ly /ˈbrɔːdli $ ˈbrɒːd-/ ●○○ adverb  1 IN GENERALin a general way, relating to the main facts rather than details She knows broadly what to expect.broadly similar/comparable/equivalent etc We reached broadly similar conclusions. Broadly speaking, there are four types of champagne. Independent films are, broadly defined, movies that appeal to sophisticated audiences.2 smile/grin broadly3 VARIOUS/OF DIFFERENT KINDSincluding a range of different things or subjects a broadly based school curriculum We invest broadly to lessen the risk.
Examples from the Corpus
broadlyThe big firms can also spread overheads such as marketing more broadly.Some spoke of the need to have a press and a broadcasting service which discussed alternatives within broadly agreed policy frameworks.He stepped back a pace, smiling broadly as he saw the young woman who stood before him, looking slightly surprised.Once again, he shuffled the recalcitrant deck, smiling too broadly, compelling their attention.It was a case of finite time and brainpower too broadly dissipated, Taylor came to think.The company invests broadly, so that the risk is lessened.In some school districts, the state constitution protects student expression more broadly than does Hazelwood.The Realist perspective remains broadly the one described in this chapter.The federal law applies broadly to all medical devices.broadly definedOur conviction is that the term knowledge worker needs to be very broadly defined.In contrast to these two broadly defined approaches, the view taken in this book is best characterised as a discourse-as-process view.Personality Personality can be broadly defined as the propensities within an individual to act a certain way, given a particular context.However, the left, broadly defined, is being courted rather than spurned.Independent films are, broadly defined, movies that appeal to sophisticated audiences, usually produced outside the traditional studio system.The new powers were concerned, as Schulz pointed out, very largely with the development of broadly defined social provision.The unemployed, then, are broadly defined to include the unregistered unemployed, particularly women.broadly basedMr Museveni's movement is broadly based.Gould's nominations were more broadly based and he is gaining momentum by contesting the two posts at once.Andersen Consulting believes what you really need is a more broadly based approach.What was a broadly based culture has become a field of specialization.The Trust's share of Wellcome represents 95 percent of its income-producing to seek a larger and more broadly based income.There was much interest in a broadly based Middle Eastern Command which would enlist the willing support of the Arab states.But there are signs that the protest may be the launch pad for a powerful and broadly based opposition.The Physical Education department endeavours to provide a broadly based service for all students and staff within the University.
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