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brocadebro‧cade /brəˈkeɪd $ broʊ-/ noun [countable, uncountable]  TIMthick heavy decorative cloth that has a pattern of gold and silver threads brocade curtains deluxe brocades and satinsbrocaded adjective
Examples from the Corpus
brocadeShe sat down on the heavily bolstered arm of a brocade chair opposite her hostess.The beautiful brocade coat stretched taut across the back, spreading to an intimidating width with his angry, indrawn breath.On one occasion they unearthed a blue taffeta ball dress with small bouquets of pink and cream brocade roses.A sweep of light remained between frayed brocade curtains, without a gleam on the parquet floor.But even the grand floor-to-ceiling gold brocade drapes can not set this head-of-U.Shoogra was in a sari of gold brocade.A tangerine-and-lime brocade formal in perfect condition comes to mind.
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