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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbronzedbronzed /brɒnzd $ brɑːnzd/ adjective  BEAUTIFUL/GOOD-LOOKINGhaving skin that is attractively brown because you have been in the sun syn tanned
Examples from the Corpus
bronzedZitney lay beside her, his firm, lean shoulder in the air, the sheet tangled negligently around his bronzed arm.Ashton was leaning, thick bronzed arms folded, against the edge of the doorway.Usually Sara saw him as a bronzed, athletic man with a steady gaze, manly features and narrow hips.Consider the case of the stereotypical Californian - tall, fit, bronzed, driving carefree down the freeway.Three large bronzed fans whirred above in the smoky air.Handsomely rugged, bronzed, not drawn into lines of exasperation but smiling - a kind, caring man who loved her.She felt too, as she mopped the trickling water from it, the smooth bronzed skin of the leg.She stared at his throat, hypnotised by the pulse beating beneath the bronzed skin.
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