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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbroodingbrood‧ing /ˈbruːdɪŋ/ adjective literary  1 THREATENmysterious and threatening the brooding silence of the forest2 looking thoughtful and sad brooding eyesbroodingly adverb
Examples from the Corpus
broodinga brooding, dark atmosphereHe too was staring down into his glass, his thoughts no happier than her own, judging by his brooding expression.For several seemingly interminable seconds no one moved as the coolly brooding glance subjected her to a flagrantly masculine appraisal.a silent, brooding manThere is a brooding oppressiveness here that induces a feeling of unease.It is a dark and brooding pine forest thick with raiders, bandits, and Chaos warbands.The sky becomes gun-metal blue, overwhelming even my mood in its brooding rage.After a weekend of brooding silence and no service, Nigel began to think it had all been worth it.In the slow passages Cziffra's deep, brooding tone can hold the listener as enthralled as his legendary virtuosity.
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