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broomstickbroom‧stick /ˈbruːmˌstɪk, ˈbrʊm-/ noun [countable]  DHCa broom with a long handle and thin sticks tied at one end that a witch is supposed to fly on in stories
Examples from the Corpus
broomstickAn hour later, a broomstick settled gently on the lawn.She once bared her backside to a crowd and once measured the private parts of three sailors with a broomstick.It was probably this practice that gave rise to the popular image of witches flying on broomsticks.Mildred took her suitcase from the back of the broomstick which was hovering politely, waiting for the next command.He seized the broomstick between his strong teeth and began to leap about, trying to wrest it from Angela's grasp.The broomstick bounded forward and soon left the rooks behind.The broomstick dipped and then dived towards a dark wood of tall elms and flew over the tops.The broomstick dipped its twiggy end and soared upward like a rocket.
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