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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbrother-in-lawˈbrother-in-law ●●○ noun (plural brothers-in-law) [countable]  1 FAMILYthe brother of your husband or wife2 FAMILYthe husband of your sister3 FAMILYthe husband of your husband or wife’s sistersister-in-law
Examples from the Corpus
brother-in-lawNot for nothing have I a brother-in-law who cooks professionally.She's needed to look after her sister and brother-in-law.She took up the pastime after impressing friends and family when she made an engagement cake for her brother-in-law.He turned over my brother-in-law, you know.My brother-in-law began setting up our platform, and I made the mistake of telling him to get a move on.Military resistance was organized by Sidonius's brother-in-law, Ecdicius, son of the emperor Avitus.He was the brother-in-law of some one she knew.
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