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brotherhoodbroth‧er‧hood /ˈbrʌðəhʊd $ -ər-/ noun  1 [uncountable]FRIENDLY a feeling of friendship between people the spirit of brotherhood2 [countable]RELIGION an organization formed for a particular purpose, especially a religious one the Franciscan brotherhood3 [countable]BEL old-fashioned a union of workers in a particular trade4 [uncountable]FAMILY the relationship between brothers
Examples from the Corpus
brotherhoodAll we want for our countries is peace and brotherhood.For Thoreau the path to fulfillment must bypass human brotherhood or communication.Some things help us to maintain our brotherhood, and sisterhood, under the skin.Thus the undaunted attitude of that brotherhood of the bike, the Cyclists' Touring Association.The dinner they gave him ranks among the epic brawls which regularly give the brotherhood of socialist solidarity a bad name.The brotherhood of man did not end with the immediate family of siblings at which it began.The mortgage department became a white brotherhood apart.
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