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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbrotherlybroth‧er‧ly /ˈbrʌðəli $ -ər-/ adjective  FAMILYshowing feelings of kindness, loyalty etc that you would expect a brother to showsisterly brotherly love brotherly advice
Examples from the Corpus
brotherlyHe offered me some brotherly advice.Perkin with brotherly bossiness told him to stop kicking the table leg and Gareth uncharacteristically sulked.Nelson watched him with no contempt, no outrage, no brotherly feeling.Not that I'd exactly been full of brotherly love for him before I'd left the town.Only his tears spoke of brotherly love.These two could school that city on brotherly love.Feeling almost brotherly towards FakhrLI, , Fong handed over the cheque that he knew would bounce.There was brotherly warmth as well as a touch of adult irony in his voice.Standard stuff he shrugged, in his brotherly way.
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