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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbrouhahabrou‧ha‧ha /ˈbruːhɑːhɑː $ bruːˈhɑːhɑː/ noun [singular, uncountable]  LOUD/NOISYunnecessary excitement, criticism, or activity – used especially in news reports to show disapproval the pre-election brouhaha
Examples from the Corpus
brouhahaThe infant formula brouhaha created a monster which may yet check and balance the dread corporation: the multinational pressure group.Anyway, they've seized on this legal brouhaha as an example of Albion's perfidy, so to speak.Budget cuts set off a whole new brouhaha at the university.The inevitable scientific brouhaha proceeded, but this time it took on an angry timbre that no one would have predicted.Soon after the brouhaha, San Diegans' civic self-respect could soar.Mayor Richard Greene dismissed the brouhaha as a media-driven invention.However, there are two lessons to be learned from the brouhaha of the past week: one specific, one general.And while all this brouhaha was going on Richard Harris was getting up Heston's famously broken nose.
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