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browbrow /braʊ/ ●○○ noun [countable]  1 HBH literary the part of your face above your eyes and below your hair syn foreheadmop/wipe your brow (=dry your brow with your hand or a cloth because you are hot or nervous)your brow furrows/creases/wrinkles (=lines appear on your brow because you are thinking or are worried) His brow furrowed. ‘I don’t understand, ’ he said.2 HBHan eyebrow3 the brow of a hill
Examples from the Corpus
browOften has the aching brow of royalty resigned its crown, to be decked with the soothing chaplet of the shepherd swain.A twitch of concern flickered across his brow.Small horns, like the new moon, adorned her smooth human brow.Sweat beaded on my brow, gathered under my arms, dampened the front of my singlet.Forward, her Neanderthal brow juts out, spiked with lights and cameras.The face itself was disbelieving, the stark pasted brows looped high over his pale eyes.Her face in close-up, anxious, shadowy, the brow furrowed.mop/wipe your browHe sat down and wiped his brow.He took off his hard hat and wiped his brow, after checking for scaffolding.He sighed and mopped his brow.She sat on the bed, mopping his brow.He pulls on his hat, wipes his brow, spits out some quid.I wiped my brow, which had become a little sweaty, and took a last look up at the shadowless wall above.The slope of her back, the way she wipes her brow.Once Chuck turned and grinned delightedly at her as he paused to mop his brow, and she smiled warmly back.
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