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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbruisingbruis‧ing1 /ˈbruːzɪŋ/ noun [uncountable]  purple or brown marks that you get on your skin where you have fallen, been hit etcbruising to/on She suffered severe bruising to her arms and legs.
Examples from the Corpus
bruisingI'd expect to find deep-seated internal bruising, but it's possible to get this without many superficial signs.Norman Reeve, 24, received multiple bruising and Peter Clark, 25, suffered leg injuries.Less severe bruising on the arm should be covered only by a crêpe bandage.The woman suffered shock and slight bruising.When he tried to make an arrest he was attacked and suffered cuts to an eyebrow and hand, and some bruising.The woman suffered bruising to the face and head in the accident.Fortunately, we're more alive to the dangers inherent in the bruising of delicate psyches.A consultant paediatrician said the bruising would have caused a degree of distress when inflicted but it would have been temporary.She doesn't think, for example, that the bruising is compatible with his having had a fall.suffered ... bruisingAndrew Harrison, also 17, suffered bruising and swelling around his head.His wife, Olivia, 51, suffered bruising to her head and face.A tooth was knocked out and he also suffered bruising.He suffered severe bruising, lacerations, and a dislocated elbow, plus shock and the loss of blood.The woman suffered bruising to the head and body in the impact and went on sick leave from work.
bruisingbruising2 adjective  difficult and unpleasant, and leaving you feeling tired or emotionally harmed a bruising contest
Examples from the Corpus
bruisingIt's been a tough and bruising campaign, with the backgrounds of both candidates coming under intense scrutiny.Leaders emerge from a bruising contest.For farmers this was a bruising experience.She hit the edge of the table with bruising force, her upper body sprawling over its surface.Props who can play on either head can be doubly useful on a bruising tour.I fear for the world and for that misguided man who crossed my path in such a bruising way yesterday and Friday.He got a bruising whack in his right eye - the one he uses to peer through his telescope at the stars.
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