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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbruntbrunt /brʌnt/ noun   bear/take/suffer etc the brunt of something
Examples from the Corpus
bruntRetailers are in the immediate line of fire and were first to bear the brunt of cost cutting.He thought that the garrison of Richmond ought now to bear the brunt of the fighting.It will bear the brunt of the estimated $ 1 billion cost for the changes on Okinawa.Southern California, where the banks had the most overlap, will bear the brunt of the cuts.A recent report showed how older workers bear the brunt of economic recession.The depot is bearing the brunt of a package of cost cutting measures across three sites.In previous downturns, blue-collar manufacturing workers bore the brunt of job losses.Her hands, which she threw up to protect her face took the brunt of the injury.
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